Cilantro Restaurant Landing Page

Technologies Used

Designed by Brandon Smith


This site was fairly simple, had a lax timeline and fixed budget so I wanted to take the opportunity to really flex my dev muscles and have some fun with it. I was fully into JAMstacks at the time and had a case of "I just found this cool thing so I have to use it for everything" but it worked out for the best.


From time to time I do contract projects, I especially enjoy working with local businesses. This is my favorite local mexican place so I was more than happy to offer my skills.


This is using Gridsome, a JAMstack framework, deployed onto Zeit. It's completely composed of static files hosted on the Zeit CDN as it didn't need any custom backend services. This site especially benefits from image compression and lazy loading as the design completely covers the page in images.

What I learned

I was pleasantly surprised when the client allowed it to be open source. I had never asked before because I assumed no one would say yes but I learned the age old lesson that it's always best to just ask.

Otherwise, I thought I was going to run into a sledgehammer v. fly situation here by over engineering the platform but that really didn't shake out. I think that avoiding customizations and using the tools as intended coupled with a sorta nearly native development environment meant that I didn't get lost in the details and traps of SPA architecture.